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Online Advance School Management System is an advanced student information system. It Incorporates best practices and result-oriented methods followed in various departments school/education institution, thereby enabling quantum improvements in productivity levels of school and students.

It is used to manage daily student records, handle enrollments, class schedules, reports etc. Its beneficial for the Parents and students to have a direct communication with teachers and track performance in real-time grades, attendance, homework assignments and more.


School Management System

    Avoids Surprises with anytime, anywhere

access to student records.

    It is truly "point-and-click" solution. With

schoolgen, you finally have single source data entry capabilities, everyone saves time using it.

    Just by click, parents can know the

details of their child any time of the day.

    Know exactly how they are doing in any

subject. Any time, check their score/grades and performance.

    School Management System is a time and

the money saver and help to avoid wastage and mistakes.

    School Management System is an easy and

quick way to keep everyone informed on what's new at school.

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